Rubber Duckbill Effluent Diffusers

Rubber Duckbill Effluent Diffuser Systems are used to prevent intrusion of unwanted sand, sediment, saltwater and marine growth into outfall pipelines.

They are non-mechanical and feature an all-rubber, fabric reinforced construction that will not corrode and is unaffected by marine growth.

Effluent outfalls typically incorporate multiport diffusers that discharge effluent over a wide area through numerous ports, rather than through one large open-ended pipe. Providing a cost-effective means of achieving high initial dilution, multiport diffusers minimise the impact of municipal and industrial discharges on the environment. The most important item on an effluent diffuser system for controlling the hydraulics and initial dilution are the ports. A diffuser system’s ports ensure that peak flows can be discharged with a limited amount of driving head and generate high enough jet velocity to yield the required initial dilution.

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