Keelings Fruit Farm Irrigation ponds.

Keelings fruit farm is an international supplier of soft fruit from a farm near Dublin Airport. This 100% family owned Irish company has been growing fruits and salads and supplying them to local Dublin markets since the 1930s.

A 500mm rubber inline non-return valve installed in 2010 keeps rainwater separate from irrigation water yet allows rainwater to fill the irrigation ponds.

The 26 Ha of glass roofs for the farm greenhouses need to be cleaned every two weeks... and not just with any water. Soft rainwater is best, as treated water will leave limescale deposits. The rainwater is collected from the roof and stored in ponds, to be used for cleaning the glass as well as supplementing the potable water supply used for irrigation.

Irrigation system inside the glass greenhouses.

A 500mm inline non-return valve keeps the rainwater separate from the irrigation water, yet allows rainwater to fill the irrigation ponds.

View of the irrigation ponds - the wires are here to prevent hares from falling into the ponds.

The inline check valve stops backflow, keeping rainwater separate from irrigation water, while allowing rainwater to fill the irrigation ponds.

The rubber inline valve's design means that it is not subject to corrosion and thus has a long service life. An example was found on-site of what can happen to a very different kind of valve.

Manual wheel operated Cast iron valve removed due to Corrosion.

Rubber inline valve is totally passive operates on differential pressure, draining by gravity, while preventing backflow.

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