Dun Laoghaire Coal Harbour

1240mm Rubber Duckbill Valve in Dun Laoghaire Coal Harbour

The coal harbour at Dun Laoghaire dates from the 18th Century and the outfall of the culverted watercourse seemed a simple solution. However, the outfall was constantly experiencing blockages due to sand and rocks being swept into the outfall chamber. A rubber duckbill valve was proposed by MeasurIT as the most practical solution and this has been working without incident since 2006.

Old outfall from chamber in sea wall.

2No. exits from old outfall chamber.

Rubber duckbill non-return valve at low tide.

Rubber Duckbill check valve being submerged as the tide rises.

The valve handles both the wave action and the debris of the sea.

The original chamber exits were both sealed off with metal plates and the rubber duckbill valve provides the only drainage point now.

As the line pressure builds up in the upstream system, the valve opens and discharges, even when submerged. Due to its rubber duckbill design, the rubber duckbill valve is more than able to handle both the wave action and the debris of the sea.

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