Waterflex: the potable water check valve from Tideflex

Waterflex Check Valves

Key Features

  • Low headloss
  • High back pressure rating
  • Eliminates bang and slamming problems
  • DN100 -DN1000 standard sizes
  • Available in full-body or wafer style
  • No springs, packing or seals
  • 3 year warranty
  • 25+ year design life

Part of the acclaimed Tideflex range, the Waterflex Check Valve is specifically engineered for potable water pipeline and reservoir applications. It is also used in Tideflex Mixing Systems. It provides low headloss characteristics and features high back pressure ratings similar to other valve styles.

However, the Waterflex is more cost-effective than other valve styles. The Waterflex operates solely on differential pressure to open and close - no outside energy source is required and there are no moving parts. The elastomer disk simply folds away from the perforated plate to allow flow, and then seals against the plate with reverse pressure to prevent backflow. This eliminates the maintenance requirements and slamming problems common to conventional swing check valves.

The Waterflex valves are cost-effective because they require no maintenance and have a long life span.

The Waterflex valve can also be used in stormwater applications where a screen or trash rack is required. The perforated plate screens large debris and floatables, and the check valve action prevents backflow from flushing large volumes of collected debris from the holding chamber.

Contact us for more information on the different valve styles and for more design information. You can also download our brochure. For more indepth technical information and application scenarios from the company which designs and manufactures the Tideflex range click here.