Ultrasonic Gas Flow Measurement

We provide clamp on non-invasive gas and air flow measurement and flow meter hire/sales services.

The following Flexim flow meters are for hire or sale. Alternatively, we offer on-site testing by our engineers.

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FLUXUS® G601 - Portable / for gases

FLUXUS® G601 - portable / FOR GASES

This Flexim flow meter is an ideal tool for service work and quick control ultrasonic measurements. The clamp-on flow transducers are simply mounted onto the pipe from the outside and are thus quickly installed, without process interruption and without production stop.

The non-invasive technology is an advantageous and cost-effective alternative to conventional methods, particularly with chemically aggressive, poisonous or high pressure media. 

With its extremely wide turn-down ratios, the G601 registers even the smallest flows.


FLUXUS® G608 - PORTABLE / FOR GASES in hazardous areas


The FLUXUS G608 portable gas flow meter is based on the widely used, highly reliable and versatile G601, but has been specifically engineered for use within hazardous areas and is covered by ATEX, IECEx and FM certification.

It is the ideal solution for gas flow measurement in potentially explosive areas, may it be for a temporary replacement of a stationary flow meter, check metering or service operations. Due to its certification, users are not obliged to obtain a Hot Work Permit, making the access to ATEX, IECEx and FM Zones much easier and less time consuming.




The G721 is FLEXIM’s next generation of advanced non-invasive ultrasonic flow metering for gases and liquids. Besides its new look, it boasts a completely re-designed hardware platform with a 32 bit embedded ARM processor for powerful signal processing. This allows for accurate and reliable measurement at even the most difficult applications.

Offering a far better signal to noise quality, a greater measurement range, signal improvements giving better signal evaluation and processing, nearly 10-fold faster measurement cycles than its predecessor, the FLUXUS 70X, and virtually unlimited data storage, the 721 flow meter surpasses any other non-intrusive ultrasonic flowmeter in terms of accuracy, reliability and versatility.

The F721 offers non-intrusive flow measurement of virtually any kind of liquid or gas, from the smallest tubing to the largest penstock, independent of the pressure inside the pipe and over a very large temperature range. This makes it the flowmeter of choice for a very wide range of applications in virtually any industrial sector, and is especially sought after for high purity gas flow measurement in ATEX areas.

FLUXUS® G704 - Stationary / for gases

FLUXUS® G704 - Stationary / for gases

FLUXUS® G704 is an ultrasonic flow meter for permanent installation.

With its wide range of electrical inputs and outputs, it can handle and process a great variety of process parameters.


FLUXUS® G800 - ATEX Approved / for gases

FLUXUS® G800 - ATEX Approved / for gases

FLUXUS® G800 is an ultrasonic flow meter with IP66 enclosure for permanent installation in explosive atmosphere. It is ATEX certified for use in hazard zones 1 and 2.