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Buried Tideflex Valves Can Self Clear

Coastal and river outfall pipes can be partially or completely buried by sand, shingle and mud. These materials can be deposited in a single tide or change with river currents so planned clearance is of little value. Tideflex all rubber check valves are an excellent alternative to flap valves for these outfall applications. 

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1240mm Tideflex TF-1 In Dun Laoghaire Coal Harbour

The coal harbour at Dun Laoghaire dates from the 18th Century and the outfall of the culverted watercourse seemed a simple solution. However, the outfall was constantly experiencing blockages due to sand and rocks being swept into the outfall chamber. A Tideflex duckbill valve was proposed by MeasurIT as the most practical solution and this has been working without incident since 2006.

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Tideflex Valve Array Meets IOM Challenge Head On!

This site in Douglas, Isle of Man required a robust solution to the problems of a large culvert exiting into a chamber in the sea wall which is exposed to high seas. We proposed and provided an array of 5 Tideflex check valves, which is still showing no signs of fatigue since installation in 2000.

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