Tideflex CheckMate offers SuDS Solutions


Tideflex CheckMate Offers SuDS Solutions

Key Benefits: Unobtrusive & Low Maintenance

The idea of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) has been around for over 20 years but has received mixed consideration and implementation across the United Kingdom and Ireland. However, changes to various planning regulations over the last number of years have gradually seen designers and developers, as well as local authorities, more open to consideration of SuDS as representative of the sustainable engineering management of surface water runoff. With the latest changes to the planning regulations in England earlier this year and the recently published revised SuDS Manual from CIRIA (C753), it is safe to say that sustainable design is here to stay.
Those in relevant sectors of the construction industry need to ensure they are fully informed of the latest techniques and products on offer as they seek to design for reliable, long-term and cost-effective surface runoff control.

The Checkmate inline check valve from Tideflex is an ideal device for backflow prevention in a SuDS scheme. It also offers odour abatement and protection from rodents and even small children accessing the piped portion of the system in designs where pipes are more likely to be accessible than in traditional systems.

Key Features

  • Rubber construction - flexible, durable & strong

  • Unibody construction

  • Low cracking pressure

  • Located inside the pipe / ends flush with the headwall

Key Advantages

  • Do not warp, freeze or corrode so maintain long-term function

  • No areas or parts that trap or snag debris

  • Low headloss

  • Unobtrusive & easy to fit

Key benefits

  • No maintenance - saving operational time and money

  • 25+ years service life - long-term capital cost savings

  • Reliable, proven track record - no unpleasant surprises

  • Drains and self-clears in relatively flat designs - ideal for meandering low-flows

  • Aesthetically appealing in landscaped areas - doesn't protrude

How they work

The CheckMate valve is a heavy duty, fabric ply reinforced, vulcanized elastomer unibody product (larger sizes have integral wire reinforcement in body as well). This makes it tough and durable, but flexible and easy to install. It's "resting" position is closed with the saddle sealing against the body of the valve and so preventing unwanted entry into the upstream system, whether from backflow, smells or animals. However, upstream flows with as little as 1 inch differential pressure across the valve will crack the saddle and allow the system to drain. The flat saddle area allows it to snap open under lower pressure than other types of similar valves, and when it closes again its flexible construction will seal around any debris until upstream flow can clear it away. It is simply inserted into the pipe end and secured with internal expansion clamps in the end cuff (larger sizes require minimal pinning through the clamps). 

fully closed checkmate valve.png
Partially open checkmate valve.png
fully open checkmate valve.png

CheckMate valves can successfully be used in SuDS schemes in parks and close to playgrounds and footpaths. Below are some photos of their installation in these scenarios.