The check valve that is installed in the twinkling of an eye.

Protect your property, basement or street from flooding, smells and pests.

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Key Benefits

  • Quick & easy to install and retrofit

  • Unobtrusive - does not protrude

  • Fits into angled pipes

  • Always closed & active against flooding

  • Airtight odour barrier

  • No moving parts or electronics to fail

  • DN100 - DN150 standard sizes

  • Designed for 5m back pressure

Reliable Backflow Prevention In Building Drainage

Developed by the Swiss company Lasso Technik AG, the Stop Silent Light valve sets new standards with its record-breaking fast installation and its reliable backflow prevention. Its light-weight simple design means that the valve can be easily installed into existing pipes. Once the valve is screwed into place, the smooth rubber membrane is the only moving part. This means that the Stop Silent Light valve is durable and maintenance-free.

Besides backflow prevention, the Stop Silent Light valve acts as a barrier to stop the movement of rodents and insects. Its airtight seal also prevents smells from exiting the drainage system and causing a nuisance.


SSL Stop Silent Light valve installation.jpg

The Stop Silent Light® expander clamp can be operated from both sides and allows installation in the inlet or outlet of the access chamber or manhole. The “Stop Silent Light” check valve can either be installed in existing drainpipes or in manholes.

In the case of an inlet and an outlet, Stop Silent Light® can be installed in the outlet. With this installation, the manhole serves as a reservoir for self-contained water during backflow. If rainwater enters the manhole, the pipe will be secured which should prevent the flow of water into the basement or flooding of the upstream drainage system.


Due to a slight build-up of water, a small pressure is exerted on the diaphragm, which then opens upwards. If the flow stops, the sealing lip restores and closes the valve. In back pressure, the rubber membrane is filled and pressed against the pipe wall.

This function makes the gas movement impossible and helps to prevent the stench of the sewer gases from escaping into the basement. It also allows solids to pass through easily as in the video above.

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