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The Stop SIlent Light check valve consists of a high-quality elastomer membrane, shaped to ensure optimal flow-through and secure protection against backflow pressure. It is ideal for use on foul drains 100-150mm in size.

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6. Lasso Technik AG Tel: +41 61 331 40 90 [email protected] Niklaus von Flüe-Str. 33 Fax: +41 61 331 42 76 CH -4059 Basel S ince 1942 3.) Minimum Slope to ensure smooth operation a. 2% constant fall 4.) Type of Medium? a. Private- or industrial drain water b. Rain water 5.) Installation in the entrance or exit? a. If several pipes meet at the same manhole it must be ensured that the valve is mounted in the line which leads to the area that needs protection . In the case of backwater, securing only the exit to the sewer blocks the way for outgoing water. b. For small pipe diameters, soft soap/ soap water can be used to facilitate the insertion of the valve. NO FAT, NO OILS! 6.) During long-lasting floods, the internal pipe system can absorb only a limited amount of water. Low water consumption is recommended.

2. Lasso Technik AG Tel. 0041 61 331 40 90 Niklaus von Flüe-Str. 33 F ax 0041 61 331 42 76 CH - 4059 Basel Switzerland [email protected] Stop Silent Light – active backwater protection Flooded basements? Costly renovations of damaged rooms? No problem for households that protect their house with a Stop Silent Light check valve. Emotional and Financial Damage In addition to damages done to premises and furniture, it is the emotional stress that makes a water damage a high burden. Flooded basements in new building Lupsingen, Switzerland. A quaint, town on the countryside. Here Family Hartmann decided to build their own family home. However, the unfavourable location as the lowermost house of the road, caused two water penetrations in the basement floor within a short time. Alone to dry the parquet floor of their basement, the family had Fixing the damage and dehumidifying the parquet floor alone, forced family Hartmann to run a noisy drying machine for several weeks, what caused considerable noise exposure. Sewers at the capacity limit Heavy rains, combined with an ever-increasing concrete surface, bring sewers to their capacity limit. If this limit is reached, the water, looking for a way out, can be pushed back into the property. That’s what happened at Hartmann family’s house. Problem Solver Stop Silent Light To avoid such unpleasant surprises, we highly recommend installing a Stop Silent Light check valve. In the case of Family Hartmann, Stop Silent Light was retrofitted and protects the family against future flooding. Stop Silent Light is installed within seconds. Depending on the situation, the valve can be mounted in the inlet or outlet of the control shaft. The soft membrane is highly resistant, low in maintenance and durable. Flooded basement... ...preventable with a Stop Silent Light check valve.

4. Lasso Technik AG Tel. 0041 61 331 40 90 Niklaus von Flüe-Str. 33 F ax 0041 61 331 42 76 CH - 4059 Basel Switzerland [email protected] How to keep vermin out of tube systems Small animals that invade tube systems, an annoying problem that is reliably and permanently solved with the new and innovative Stop Silent Light backflow pre- venting valve. Small animals and vermin that penetrate water tubes can be a problem for the water quality, and can have unpleasant consequences for affected humans. The Stop Silent Light flap gate prevents small animals from entering into tube systems , contributing to a flawless water quality. Case Study: Bivio, Grison, Switzerland: Bivio, a small town in the Swiss Alps, 6562 ft. above sea level. After launching a new water collector the water supply noticed, that amphibians and insects can infiltrate the system through the overfall. In order to solve this problem as fast as possible, Lasso Technik AG installed a Stop Silent Light Flap Gate. Within few minutes the Stop Silent Light valves were installed and ready for use. Smooth installation in existing pipes: Stop Silent Light Profile of the Stop Silent Light Rubber Membrane Pressure distribution of the expander clip Stop Silent Light at a glance  Reliable Backflow Prevention  Airtight Odor Barrier  First-Class Flap Gate  Designed for Backpressure up to 7.25psi.  Available in sizes 4, 4.3, 5 and 6 inches. Flow Direction

1. Lasso Technik AG Tel.: 0041 61 331 40 90 [email protected] Niklaus von Flüe-Str. 33 Fax: 0041 61 331 42 76 CH -4059 Basel Stop Silent Light – The check valve that is installed in the twinkling of an eye Do you know the global innovation amongst the check valves? The traditional Swiss company Lasso Technik AG introduces the newly developed STOP SILENT LIGHT sewer backflow preventing valve. This valve sets new standards in terms of its record-breaking fast installation, and guarantees reli- able backflow prevention. Solve a problem within seconds! The Stop Silent Light sewer backflow preventing valve can be installed into already existing sewer lines or inspection shafts: Reliable back flow prevention guaranteed! The smoothly working rubber membrane is the only moving part. Available in different sizes, the Swiss made Stop Silent Light check valve is designed for a back pressure up to 0.5bar. This valve stands out through simple and timesaving installa- tion. Besides the backflow preventing function of the valve, Stop Silent Light furthermore serves as a flap-gate, preventing small animals from entering into pipe systems. A third function that gives the valve a com- petitive advantage is the airtight odor barrier, preventing channel gases from flowing back into premises. Installed within seconds: The valve is inserted into the pipe, and fixed with the innovative expander clip... ...and is barely visible after installation. Stop Silent Light at a glance  Reliable Backflow Prevention  Airtight Odor Barrier  First - Class Flap Gate  Suitable for Storm - and Faecal Water  Designed for Backpressure up to 7.25psi .  Available in sizes 4, 4.3, 5 and 6 inches.

3. Lasso Technik AG Tel. 0041 61 331 40 90 Niklaus von Flüe-Str. 33 Fax 0041 61 331 42 76 CH - 4059 Basel Switzerland [email protected] What to do when it smells from the Sewers Sewer gases that pass through the canal system back into properties cause unpleasant odor nu i- sances. This issue can be permanently solved with a Stop Silent Light backflow prevention valve. Steaming gullies on cold days, a common sight during the winter season. This steam is the so- called “channel gas” generated by waste water and the cause for unpleasant stench. Prevent Odor Nuisance! This negative effect of the channel gases can be prevented with a Stop Silent Light backflow pr e- venting valve. One main function of Stop Silent Light is the Odor Barrier. The Odor Barrier guara n- tees an airtight shut sewer pipe, avoiding the stack-effect*. Installed Within Seconds! In addition to the low maintenance Odor Barrier, Stop Silent Light impresses with an unprecedented speed of assembly. See for yourself and follow the link to our demonstration video: Stop Silent Light Backflow Preventing Valve *Stack-Effect describes channel gas that passes through manholes to the surface or penetrates properties. Stop Silent Light prior to installation Stop Silent Light at a glance  Airtight Odor Barrier  Reliable Backflow Prevention  First - Class Flap Gate  Designed for Backpressure up to 7.25psi.  Available in sizes 4, 4.3, 5, and 6 inches.

5. Lasso Technik AG Tel: +41 61 331 40 90 [email protected] Niklaus von Flüe-Str. 33 Fax: +41 61 331 42 76 CH -4059 Basel S ince 1942 Prior Installation: The Stop Silent Light Checklist 1.) Inside diameter a. In order to offer you the proper valve, we need to know the exact inner diameter of the pipe that needs to be protected. Nominal Diameter (mm) /(in) Clamping Range (mm) /(in) Total L ength (mm) /(in) Lengt of conical valve head (mm) /in) Allen key sice (metric) DN100 /3.94 93 - 101 /3.66 - 3.98 215 /8.46 110 /4.33 3 DN110 /4.33 98 - 106 /3.86 - 4.17 230 /9.06 125 /4.92 3 DN125 /4.92 115 - 122 /4.53 - 4.8 270 /10.63 145 /5.71 3 DN150 /5.91 145 - 152 /5.7 - 5.98 330 /12.99 180 /7.09 4 DN200 /7.87 181 - 197 /7.13 - 7.76 420 /16.54 190 /7.48 4  Dimensions for bigger sizes on request. 2.) Access to the pipe a. Hand- mo ulded bay soles can be too tight and have to be adjusted . b. The length of the cylindrical clamping range is approx. 1x diameter. Also, the length of the conical valve head is approx. 1x diameter. Conical Valve Head Cylindrical Clammping Range


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