Knife Gate Valves 

Red Valve's Knife Gate Valves are the perfect compliment to our broad range of slurry handling products. Standard features such as precision-machines gates, heavy-duty topworks and cast-iron bodies up to 24" make the valves rugged and dependable.  Other features such as replaceable wear seats, simplified packing replacement or solid stainless steel linings make the valves affordable and easy to maintain. Return to Red Valve main page.

series dx knife gate valve.jpg


Series DX slurry knife gate valve features replaceable valve sleeves that are abrasion resistant and a design that allows for slurry discharge, resulting in a clear seat area and gate path. This unique knife gate valve design makes the Series DX perfect for your toughest slurry applications. 

When the valve opens, the Series DX reinforced elastomer sleeves seal against each other and provide a 100% full port opening, which minimizes turbulence, and in turn eliminates wear.  The seats isolate and protect all metal parts of the valve from coming in contact with the process. When the valve is closed, the sleeves provide a drop tight seal. 

Each time the valve strokes, the Series DX Valve is designed to discharge a small amount of slurry out of the valve, which keeps the gate path and seat area clear of entrapped particulates, which might otherwise prohibit the valve's ability to close.


series g large valve

The Red Valve Series G Manual Knife Gate Valve features a cast iron body with stainless steel wetted parts. This efficient valve design affords the user a high-quality valve in which all the wetted parts, including the gate, seat, pack­ing gland and flange face are stainless steel while providing cost savings with cast iron flanges. The Series G has a double-lead ACME thread that reduces operating torque.

These valves are manufactured to handle a wide variety of fluids in chemical plants, pulp and paper mills, wastewater treatment plants, mining operations, sugar mills and food­ processing facilities.

Series G knife gate valves can be fitted with a variety of actuators, including standard handwheel, bevel gear, pneumatic actuators, hydraulic actuators, electric actuators and chainwheel actuators. Limit switch, solenoid valve and bonnet options are also available.

Series G Large Diameter Knife Gate Valve

Series G knife gate valve.jpg

Large diameter (up to 144 in.) Series G knife gate valves are a good choice for mining and power generation – it also makes an excellent valve for flood control and pumping stations. 

Large Series G valves are constructed similarly to smaller valves but feature a fabricated carbon steel body as opposed to cast iron. All wetted parts of the valve are still stainless steel, but they can be constructed of 304, 316 or 316L material. These large-diameter valves feature a robust construction designed to handle the immense forces involved in large-diameter pipelines.

Series G Pneumatic Knife Gate valve

series g pneumatic knife gate valve

Red Valve manufactures a complete line of pneumatically and electrically actuated Series G Knife Gate Valves. The RD Actuator is constructed of a lightweight, self-lubricating Black Amalgon cylinder, aluminum cylinder heads and stainless steel piston rod. Black Amalgon is resistant to chemical and corrosive attack and is more dent resistant than aluminum or brass. 

When ordering electrically actuated knife gates, please specify electrical service and pressure drop across the valve.

flexgate VALVE - Manual

Flexgate valve.jpg

Flexgate manual slurry knife gate valves are strongly suited for difficult abrasive slurry services in the chemical and power industries.

The Flexgate valve is designed with a cast iron body or fabricated steel body, stainless steel gate, and two heavy-duty elastomer cartridge slurry seats. The port is formed by two heavy duty cartridge elastomer slurry seat halves. The cartridge slurry seats are available in various elastomers for chemical compatibility and abrasion resistance. A flush area at the valve's base provides a clean-out port. The Flexgate valve provides bi-directional shutoff. A heavy-duty topworks is standard.

Flexgate Valve - Pneumatic

flexgate pneumatic valve

Red Valve's Flexgate Valves are available with pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuators. Other options include limit switches, solenoids and air regulators and chainwheels. The actuated Flexgate provides long-term abrasion resistance under high-cycle conditions. The valve self-cleans each time it is cycled and is ideal for automated operations.

Red Valve manufactures its pneumatic actuators using Black Amalgon, a fiberglass-reinforced epoxy resin. The actuator material is inert to most corrosive chemicals, hydraulic fluids, water and oil.