Pinch Valve Replacement Sleeves

Red Valve pinch valves are the market leader because the abrasion resistance of their elastomer sleeves are unmatched by other conventional metal valves. The sleeve is at the heart of every pinch valve with its integrated provision of the valve lining, flange gaskets, and seating surface, and therefore it is critical to match the sleeve with the service conditions. Red Valve have lead the way with their bias-ply, fabric-reinforced rubber sleeves and are ideal for slurry and solids handling where an unobstructed flow path is essential.

Since the sleeve is the only wetted part of the valve, there is no need for expensive metal alloys to be used in the body of the valve. And since the sleeve is the only wetted part, it is also the only replacement part.

MeasurIT stock a wide range of replacement sleeves, suitable not only for Red Valve pinch valves but also interchangeable for use with many other makes of pinch valves. We advise you to purchase a spare sleeve along with a new valve to ensure there is no production delay.

Contact us today to order your replacement sleeves and keep your processes running smoothly and on time. We deliver worldwide at a competitive price.

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