CheckMate® Ultraflex™

The Inline Check Valve from TIDEFLEX

Providing low headloss and easy installation since 1998.

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Key Features

  • Low headloss maximises flow

  • Quick & easy to install & to retrofit

  • Fits into angled pipes

  • Does not protrude

  • DN75 - DN2100 standard sizes

  • Elliptical and Rectangular valves available

  • Slip In with C clamp or Flange

  • 1 year warranty standard - 3 & 5 year available

  • 25+ year design life

CheckMate Valves are cost-effective because they have a long life span and require no maintenance. Consider the Tideflex track record when making TOTEX decisions for your drainage asset management. Click here for a description of CheckMate valve benefits. If you are looking for a price for a particular CheckMate valve, contact us for a quote today.

What Makes CheckMate® UltraFlex™ Valves Unique?

The CheckMate valve's unique elastomer-reinforced design provides a proven record of maintenance-free backflow protection, cost savings and results that no other inline check valve can match. The CheckMate  valve has a 100% fabric and elastomer construction that eliminates corrosion problems. Because the CheckMate valve is made with a unibody construction, there are no mechanical components to catch debris, corrode or fail. 

This results in significant savings - both in time and costs.

The patented CheckMate UltraFlex Inline Check Valve features drastically improved hydraulic and performance characteristics to its predecessor, the original CheckMate Check Valve.  Strategically placed reinforcing ribs, segmented pads and the “Arc Notch” bill combine to significantly improve flow efficiency with significantly reduced headloss, while providing absolute backflow protection. 

Contact us to discuss your design. There are also numerous documents available for download on our site which provide more detailed information.


How Do CheckMate® UltraFlex™ Valves Work?

The CheckMate valve is a heavy duty, fabric ply-reinforced, vulcanized elastomer unibody product (larger sizes have integral wire reinforcement in the body as well). This makes it tough and durable, but flexible and easy to install.

Its "resting" position is closed with the saddle sealing against the body of the valve and so preventing unwanted entry into the upstream system, whether from backflow, smells or animals (such as rats). 

The CheckMate valve has a very low cracking pressure - upstream flows with as little as 1"

(one inch) differential pressure across the valve will break the saddle seal and allow the system to drainThe flat saddle area allows it to snap open under lower pressure than other types of similar valves, and when it closes again its flexible construction will seal around any debris until upstream flow can clear it away.

It is simply inserted into the pipe end and secured with internal expansion clamps in the end cuff (larger sizes require minimal pinning through the clamps).

Flanged valves and thimble inserts are also available.

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