Launch of FLUXUS WD (Water Distribution) Flow Meter

Launch of FLUXUS WD (Water Distribution) Flow Meter

Available to order from 1 April 2016, the FLUXUS WD Series non-invasive ultrasonic flow meter is the ideal solution for metering points in the potable water network. The WD flow meter is part of one of the most reliable and accurate non-invasive ultrasonic flow metering systems - it even measures flow rates as low as 0.01 m/s. This makes it particularly suited to precise monitoring of minimum night flows and thus is ideal for use in leakage detection activities.

Due to the use of its clamp-on technology, the WD Series that does not require any installation work that affects the integrity of the pipe. This enables a very simple and cost-effective installation of flow measurement points within an existing water supply network. Designed to be installed in the field, the WD meters are equipped with IP68 transducers, permanent coupling pads and the extremely robust Variofix C mounting system. This means the transducers are suited to installation in submerged chambers and can even be directly buried.

The WD Series is installed without zero calibration and remains permanently drift-free, as do all FLEXIM flow meters. It is available with three transducer types and is suitable for inner diameters ranging from 50 to 6500 mm. The strong signal output and noise suppression technology make it possible to use the WD Series on all pipe materials, even on such challenging ones such as fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) pipes.

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