Tideflex duckbill valves: self clearing, tough & reliable!

Tideflex duckbill valves: self clearing, tough & reliable!

Coastal Outfalls

Tideflex rubber check valves operate effectively in sand and silt and are self-clearing on coastal/beach outfalls.


Tideflex check valves operating in sand and silt - self clearing on coastal beach outfalls



Tideflex non-return valves can be buried in sand and still allow storm water to discharge by using the storm water pressure to clean away the sand.


Tideflex check valves prevent backflow & flooding;

- stop saltwater intrusion

- prevent sand infiltration

- free draining, does not take up storage room in drainage systems

- operates submerged underwater

- works in sand and silt

Tideflex has 28 years of proven field operation, research and development and continued engineering enhancements which make these check valves the most reliable in the industry today.