Tideflex Aeration and Mixing Systems provide proven long-term, maintenance-free service life!

Tideflex Technologies has developed a number of systems designed to provide enhanced mixing and oxygen transfer through gas diffusion technology.

 Tideflex Coarse Bubble Diffuser

Tideflex Coarse Bubble Diffuser

The two major categories for gas diffusion are:                                                             

  • high efficiency oxygen transferring fine bubble and                                                       
  • high mixing energy coarse bubble.                                                                                            

For anoxic mixing requirements the use of hydraulic recirculation systems utilizing high velocity discharge nozzles are most effective.  Tideflex Technologies provides systems utilizing each of these methods on their own as well as systems where these methods are combined to achieve the best aspects of each method type. 

The Tideflex backflow prevention technology has been incorporated into all the individual products which means that a Tideflex System will have the highest performance with the lowest operational maintenance requirements.

 Coarse Bubble Diffuser

Coarse Bubble Diffuser

Unique Performance Features

  • Prevents backflow of process fluids and solids into the diffuser and manifold piping.
  • Airflow is discharged at the tank floor to eliminate solids accumulation.
  • Special High Performance EPDM elastomer resists the effects of high blower temperatures to maintain closure memory.

Proven Performance in;

  • Aeration basins
  • Sludge holding tanks
  • Equalisation basins
  • Aerated grit chambers
  • Pre-post-aeration
  • Channels
  • Aerobic digesters
  • Flocculation
  • Storage tanks
  • Landfill odor control
  • Industrial mixing


  • Optimise oxygen transfer and mixing characteristics
  • Provide long-term, maintenance-free service life
  • Provide backflow prevention
  • Prevent clogging and fouling-no jet wash or acid baths required
  • Offer durable, heavy-duty construction
 Fine bubble aeration system

Fine bubble aeration system

Unique Performance Features

  • Internal Tideflex Check Valve - Full pipe diameter threaded connection
  • Open Ended Design reduces unit buoyancy
  • Heavy Duty 150 psi Connection Saddles
  • Automatic System Condensate Purging
 Combination fine bubble & coarse bubble diffusers to optimise oxygen transfer and process mixing

Combination fine bubble & coarse bubble diffusers to optimise oxygen transfer and process mixing

Unique Performance Features

  • Reduced Quantity of Fine Bubble Units
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Increased Mixing Power
  • Blower Cycling to save energy

Process Applications

  • Aeration Tanks
  • On / Off Aeration Processes
  • SBR Processes
  • Aerobic Digester Optimization

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