Tideflex CheckMate inline check valve Eliminating Backflow & Flooding!

CheckMate: It's A Winning Move! The ideal solution for backflow prevention


The CheckMate inline check valve is easy to install - simply insert the valve inside the pipe and clamp in place. The CheckMate non-return valve can be installed from the upstream or downstream end.

No modification to the pipe or structure is required to install the CheckMate valve, resulting in large savings and ideal for protected structures! 


The CheckMate valve boasts extremely low head loss, less than 1" of head opens the valve, eliminating standing water.

Engineered features;

- Extremely low headloss

- No moving parts, all elastomer constrution will not corrode. 

- Operates on differential pressure, so can still discharge water even when submerged.

- Virtually no maintenance

- Self-draining

- Totally Passive

- Simple installation

- Silent, non-slamming

- Prevents unwanted ordor backing up the pipe

- Less than 1" of head opens the valve