Fluxus G601 On-Site non-invasive Flowtesting, Saving Costs!

The portable Flowmeter for non-invasive flow measurement of compressed air and gases.


MeasurIT Technologies provide non-invasive clamp-on flowtesting for both Gases & Liquids.

The Flowmeter sensors are simply mounted on the outside of the pipe, without the need for any works to pipe, or process interruption.

The portable Fluxus G601 is highly flexible and versatile for flowtesting applications almost anywhere around your plant.

Compressed air is one of the most expensive forms of energy! The G601 can easily and quickly measure your flow rates;

- Test compressor outputs

- Plant/equipment usage rates

- Verify your on-site flowmeters 

- Energy flow reports


- Complete CA network investigations

- Leak Detection

For On-Site Flowtesting, Flow Kit Hire or Supply of Flexim Fluxus non-invasive clamp-on Flowmeters contact MeasurIT today!