FLUXUS F601 flowmeter saves the day!

FLUXUS F601 flowmeter saves the day!

We came across this article online and thought we'd share it with you. Who knew that FLEXIM's F601 flowmeters are not only functional and efficient, but "cool" too!

FLEXIM’s Ultrasonic Flowmeter Plays Heroic Role in ‘Planet of the Apes’

Apparently FLEXIM’s FLUXUS F601 Ultrasonic Flowmeter appears in action about 58 minutes into the film. Has anyone seen the movie? Did you notice the flowmeter?

According to FLEXIM's General Manager John O’Brien, “They wanted the FLEXIM meter for its ergonomic design and high-tech quality look and feel. They particularly liked the armored cable stainless steel fit for purpose look.”

And we do too! Technology isn't only about functionality anymore, just look at what Apple did to the mobile phone. Now engineers not only get to get the job done, but get to increase their street cred too. About time, we say!