International Market launch of the FLUXUS F401

MeasurIT is pleased to announce the launch of the FLUXUS F401 portable water meter from Flexim - world renowned for their ultrasonic flowmeters.


The FLUXUS® F401 is a dedicated single channel portable flow meter that has been developed by Flexim for applications in the municipal water and wastewater sectors. It offers long term stable and precise bidirectional flow measurements in remote outdoor areas.

The F401 is the ideal tool for service and maintenance activities, for long or short term monitoring, data logging and existing meter verification. It also offers outdoor continuous remote measurement for up to a week. It is also an ideal measurement tool for leak detection.

Pipe sizes from 25 mm to 3 m, solid contents of up to 6% by volume as well as old and rusty steel, badly manufactured GRP or even armoured concrete pipes are not a measurement challenge to the F401.

MeasurIT will be offering this non-invasive flow meter for hire and sale alongside our existing flow measurement products. Contact us today to find out more!