Manual Pinch Valves

Red Valve Manually Actuated Pinch Valves are reliable, maintenance-free, cost-effective valves engineered for tough slurries, abrasives, and corrosive chemical applications. They feature bi-directional droptight shutoff in a design that meets the same face-to-face dimensions as gate, plug, and ball valves up to 12". Return to pinch valves main page.

SERIES 75 Manual Valve

series 75 manual pinch valve.jpg

Ideal valves for applications that involve abrasive or corrosive slurries, powders, or granular substances.

The heart of this unique valve is the durable, flexible rubber sleeve which is reinforced with high-strength fabric. The sleeve, which is the only part of the valve exposed to the line process, eliminates maintenance. 

The design principle is very simple - two mechanical pinch bars open and close the elastometer sleeve. The pinching action is on the centreline, so the valve closes on a smooth venturi and is self-cleaning.

Valve operation will not freeze and operating torques remain constant, even if the valve has remained in the open or closed position for years, making it ideal for pump isolation.

The Series 75 has excellent control characteristics and can be used as a throttling manual control valve.  By simply turning the handwheel, operators can fine-tune the valve position to maintain a constant rate of flow; few manual valves have this throttling advantage.  Zero leakage is maintained bi-directionally.

Series 70 Open Frame Manual Valve

series 70 open frame manual pinch valve

The Series 70 Manual Pinch Valve is the counterpart to the unique Series 75 and has the same design features and advantages, but the heavy cast iron housing is eliminated and a strong fabricated steel body is used in its place.  The Series 70 is less costly, lighter, versatile, and can be used when the location of the valve is not exposed to attack from corrosives or other volatile material.

The standard body material is fabricated carbon steel.  Sleeve materials include Pure Gum Rubber, Neoprene, Buna-N, Butyl, Hypalon, EPDM, and Viton.

Operation of the Series 70 is the same as the Series 75, utilizing double pinch bars to compress the flexible rubber sleeve from above and below, closing simultaneously on centreline when the handwheel is turned.

Series 9000 High Pressure Manual Valve

series 9000 high pressure manual valve

The Series 9000 high-pressure manual pinch valve is designed with ANSI Class 300 flange drilling.  The heavy-duty elastomer sleeves are reinforced with high strength nylon, polyester fabrics, or Kevlar® material.  Several heavy-duty sleeve designs are available. 

Several bevel gear actuators are available for On/Off manual operation.

 In order to accommodate the higher working pressure design, the valve is normally sized one size larger to allow for the thick double wall high pressure sleeve.  

Series 75B Buried Service Manual Valve

series 75b buried service manual valve

The Series 75B manually operated pinch valve is a reliable, maintenance-free, cost effective valve designed for tough slurries and abrasive and corrosive chemical applications below ground.  

This pinch valve was designed specifically for underground service. It is sealed with an epoxy coating and provides double containment. Optional position indicators are available.

The heart of this unique valve is the durable, flexible rubber sleeve which is reinforced with high strength fabric.  The sleeve, which is the only part of the valve exposed to the process, eliminates maintenance and the need for expensive, exotic body materials.  Additionally, valve operation will not freeze and operating torques remain constant.

Series 75 Megaflex Large Manual Valve

series 75 megaflex manual valve

The large diameter Series 75 Megaflex valves are heavy duty, maintenance-free manual valves. They are ideal for reliable operation, long life, and low maintenance. 

The valves are constructed with a fabricated steel body, and double acting ACME threaded pinch mechanism which closes the sleeve on centreline.

The valves eliminate packing, bearings, and shafts, so maintenance is virtually eliminated.  Fully closed, the Series 75 Megaflex valves have drop tight shut off and seal on solids.