CONTROL Pinch Valves

Red Valve Control Pinch Valves offer maximum durability with precise control and virtually no maintenance. A heavy-duty, rugged pinch mechanism positions the sleeve, resulting in accurate flow control. Red Valve Control Pinch Valves have no packing to maintain or seats to wear, no fugitive emissions and no need for expensive body alloys. Red Valve Control Products are available with pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, or digital positioners to link up to all control systems. Return to pinch valves main page.



Ideal valves for shut off or control applications that involve abrasive or corrosive slurries, powders, or granular substances. The Series 5200 valve is designed in sizes 1” to 4”.

A heavy-duty pinch mechanism positions the sleeve for accurate control over a wide flow range. Particularly in slurry applications, the stroke adjustment allows for fine-tuned flow control as the sleeve wears.

True feedback positioning is accomplished through the direct linkage of the pneumatic positioner to the valve stem shaft. Accurate small-change response signals to the positioner greatly enhances control accuracy.

series 5200 valve diaphragm

In smaller sizes, the Series 5200 is available with a diaphragm actuator. The quick-response and low-hysteresis of a diaphragm actuator allows the 5200 to react quickly to input signals. This gives the 5200 Diaphragm great accuracy and repeatability on small-diameter slurry lines.

Series 5200 D-Port Valve - Pneumatic

series 5200 d-port valve

Red Valve's Series 5200 D-Port control valve design results in an economical control valve choice. When fully open, the D-Port has 95% of the flow of a full-ported valve. Flow control begins immediately, providing a linear flow characteristic.

The D-Port configuration employs a single actuator which closes from the top. This design shortens the actuator stroke, which in turn reduces operating costs. An external stroke adjustment is provided.

The rugged elastomer sleeve is self-cleaning, with no packing to maintain, and provides accurate, repeatable control. The Series 5200 D-Port control valve can be furnished with a standard, double wall, or cone or sleeve design.



Ideal valves for shut off or control applications that involve abrasive or corrosive slurries, powders, or granular substances.

Series 5200E electrically actuated valves are actuated by AUMA, Limitorque or Rotork electric operators as a standard. Other electric motor operators are also available.

Series 5300 Open Frame Valve

series 5300 open frame valve

The Series 5300 valve features many of the same advantages of the Series 5200 line of control pinch valves, in a light-weight, low-cost open frame design. The open frame design is possible because the sleeve is the only wetted part of the pinch valve, protecting the operating mechanism and frame from corrosive or abrasive attack from the line process. A heavy-duty, rugged pinch mechanism pinches the sleeve, resulting in accurate flow control.

Due to the fabricated open frame design of the Series 5300, slight variations in face-to-face length can be accommodated.

Series 5400 Centreline Closure Valve

series 5400 valve

Red Valve’s redesigned Series 5400 Control Pinch Valve features centreline valve closure, true feedback positioning, compact size, enclosed mechanical parts, and accurate, repeatable variable venturi flow control.

Centreline closure is extremely important for larger size pinch on extremely abrasive and high velocity applications and it outlasts all other types of gate, plug, or ball valves on control of abrasive and corrosive slurries. The resilient elastomer sleeve outlasts even Stellite coated control valves.

Variable Orifice and Cone Sleeves can be specified to further enhance control performance and match the exact Cv level desired. 

Series 5700 Centreline Closure Valve

series 5700 valve

Full port opening and centreline closure is extremely important for larger size pinch valves in abrasive and high velocity applications. Red Valve’s Series 5700 Control Pinch Valve is a cost effective choice when centreline valve closure is required. The rugged, self-cleaning elastomer sleeve isolates all mechanical parts of the mechanism, so the operating torque remains constant. Cone Sleeves can be specified to further enhance control performance and match the exact CV level desired.

Series 9000 High Pressure Valve

series 9000 high pressure valve

The Series 9000 high-pressure control pinch valve's heavy-duty elastomer sleeves are reinforced with high strength nylon, polyester fabrics, or Kevlar® material.  Several heavy-duty sleeve designs are available - standard full port for on/off isolation applications; double wall for severe abrasive applications; cone, reduced port, and variable orifice designs for control applications.  The elastomer sleeve will close even on solids, and the flexing action of the sleeve eliminates the possibility of scaling.  Combining these features with a sealed body design and no packing to maintain, results in a simple, rugged, no-hang-up, maintenance-free valve.

Series RSR Surge Relief Valve

series rsr surge relief valve

The Series RSR Pressure Relief Valve is designed specifically for slurry applications. It is a reliable relief valve available for slurry service, venting surge pressures in the system, or to maintain system pressure.

The valve operates very simply – making use of a spring loaded cylinder, which keeps a rugged reinforced rubber pinch valve sleeve pinched closed. As process pressure builds up and exceeds the tension set by the spring, the valve opens. The greater the pressure build–up, the more the valve opens. Since the sleeve isolates the process from the pinch mechanism, corrosion, bridging, plugging, and valve freezing are eliminated.

Series 5800 - Electromechanical

series 5800 valve

The Series 5800 Electrically Actuated Control Valve is reliable, maintenance-free, and cost effective. Replacing a plug valve, gate valve, or ball valve is easy with the Series 5800 because it has the same face-to-face dimensions. There are no seats to grind, no stuffing box to repack, and no packing gland to adjust, ever. The rugged, self-cleaning elastomer sleeve isolates all mechanical parts of the mechanism, so the break away torque remains constant.

The valve closes the sleeve on centreline and can be actuated with an AUMA, Rotork or other standard motor electric operators . Declutch and override components are furnished as standard. 

Weirflex Adjustable Weir Valve

weirflex weir valve

The Weirflex control valve is designed to specifically meet the needs of stormwater and combined sewer systems. The valve features a full-port opening for unobstructed flow when in the open position. To control the rate at which stormwater enters a collection system, the valve is closed from the bottom, creating an adjustable weir. The weir can be closed up to 96% of the total pipeline diameter. This allows operators to adjust for seasonal rainfall changes, wet-weather conditions, storm events or changing population demands.

The Weirflex is supplied with an electric-motor operator to allow remote adjustment of the valve and has only one wetted part, the elastomer sleeve, making it ideal for remote and inaccessible locations. Manual motor or automatic means of operation are available.

The Weirflex Level Control package allows users to monitor and control the level of available storage capacity within their pipeline by recording the level of water upstream of the valve. Utilizing an ultrasonic sensor tied to a control module, this package can be setup to indicate level, indicate valve position or control valve position with a 4~20 mA signal.

weirflex level control