Wastewater Flow Measurement

We provide clamp on non-invasive wastewater flow measurement as well as flow meter hire/sales services.

We are excited to bring the FLUXUS® WW to the Irish market. This Flexim wastewater meter is now available.

Alternatively, we offer on-site testing by our engineers.

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The FLUXUS® WW Series non-invasive ultrasonic flow meter is the ideal solution for metering points on sewage networks and wastewater treatment plants, especially for retrofit situations, and it has been specifically designed for customers in the wastewater industry. As a FLEXIM flow meter, the WW is part of one of the most reliable and accurate non-invasive ultrasonic flow metering systems - it even accurately measures flows with solids or gas content of up to 10% in volume with disturbed flow profiles. 

fluxus ww wstewater flow meter


  • Monitoring pump efficiency
  • Controlling flow rates
  • Managing heavy rainfall events

As operators of sewage networks and treatment plants strive for energy efficiency and cost reduction, it is imperative that they monitor and control pump station flows more accurately. An efficiently run wastewater treatment plant can save considerably on costs by reducing the use of chemicals and energy. As heavier rainfall becomes more widespread, sewage levels at pumping stations can rapidly reach critical levels and monitoring pump flow rates can help operators take appropriate action based on accurate flow measurements.


  • Very low installation costs
  • Non-intrusive & no process interruption
  • Factory zero-point calibration
  • Dual beam option for compensation of disturbed flow profiles
  • Maintenance-free
  • Measurement reliability/repeatability

Due to the use of its clamp-on technology, the WW Series can be installed without process interruption or carrying out work on the pipe itself. This enables a very simple and cost-effective installation of flow measurement points within an existing pump station or treatment plant, even though conditions are often not easy due to lack of straight pipe lengths and proximity to pumps. The flow meters are maintenance-free as they have permanent coupling pads and there are no connections on the sensor heads, preventing water ingress.

To compensate for flow profile disturbances, the FLUXUS WW meter transmitter can be equipped with a second pair of transducers, which averages out the effects of crossflow and delivers a more repeatable measurement. This is in addition to the accuracy and longterm stability of the meters aided by precisely matched piezo-transducers, advanced factory calibration and temperature sensors incorporated into all the transducers, ensuring unrivalled measurement repeatability.

The chemical composition of wastewater promotes the formation of scaling and fat deposits within the network and its high solid content, of sand especially, can also be abrasive. The WW meter is not affected by this as it is not in contact with the waste stream, and thus remains permanently drift-free, as do all FLEXIM flow meters. The advanced signal evaluation and noise reduction technology of the WW make it capable of measuring fluids with high gas or solid content, such as return activated sludge (RAS), and it is even possible to use it on such challenging pipe materials as PCCP and GRP pipes.

Transducers with ATEX Zone 1 approval and IP68 protection can be supplied for installations in wet well and other locations with potentially explosive atmosphere.

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