Continuing Professional Development Presentations

At MeasurIT we believe our products are of a high quality and bring solutions and peace of mind to the engineering community. Thus, we are committed to helping engineers and infrastructure owners understand our products and services.

We offer lunchtime continuing professional development (CPD) presentations with opportunity for extensive questions and answers afterwards. We can bring samples of our products and even arrange a demonstration, as appropriate.
The Tideflex check valve presentation is our most popular. It provides an overview of the history and evolution of rubber duckbill non-return/check valves in the form of the original and improved Tideflex valves, with an explanation of how they work and their application in drainage networks as well as in the water and wastewater industries, using a number of case studies, along with a comparison of their successful use versus that of flap valves. 
The Tideflex Aeration & Mixing Systems presentation provides an introduction to the benefits of Tideflex moulded valves in water and wastewater treatment works with a number of case studies outlining the various retrofit and new-build configurations that the mixing systems have been used to provide cost-effective solutions.
The SL-RAT presentation is an overview of this innovative acoustic sensing technology for rapid drainage system assessment that we have recently introduced to the UK and Ireland. We can bring a unit and provide a demonstration within a 15 minute traffic stop in the local road network.

So please feel free to contact us to arrange a CPD session using the form below, or alternatively you can email or phone us directly using the contact information on our page footer.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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